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“I have been coming to Firewalker for over thirteen years and I love it!! There is so much variety here that there is something to please everyone.”

The gym equipment is plentiful and well-maintained, you never have to wait to go on anything. However my favourite is the classes because it pushes me to try harder and to stick at it.

I do lots of classes such as spin and cardio classes – there’s always a good mix of cardio, weights,  kettle bell and step. You don’t need to worry because everyone is very friendly and helpful and you just work at what you can do. It’s also good because there’s a mixture of ages and ability and everyone helps each other. The trainers always encourage you to try harder and will suggest alternatives if you can’t do something due to injuries etc. They change classes as well for variety so I’ve just started doing a boxing class and it’s great! A really good workout and you get to work out your aggression! It’s a good laugh as well.

Another aspect of Firewalker is the yoga and Tai Chi classes. It’s for all abilities and helps with balance, suppleness and mindfulness- and Joby gets to discuss your diet and try to persuade you to become vegan!

Really it’s the best gym I’ve ever been to and I’ve made lots of friends over the years, it’s just one big happy family!

Christine Atherton

Firewalker Gym Member


What Firewalker has in abundance is a great ethos of inclusion and support for all abilities from youngsters, check out the children’s classes, to more senior members. The most important difference is the atmosphere at Firewalker as the staff group are professional and cheerful; the members are friendly and easy to talk to making the whole gym experience welcoming. The gym embraces multiculturalism providing a positive inclusive experience;it is educational members will receive helpful and effective advice on a great range of fitness programmes and healthy diets to suit their individual needs.

The training, the trainers come from a good positive place, are fully qualified, knowledgeable in providing constructive training for people of all ages and abilities. As a member you feel valued and supported in reaching goals or positive outcomes.

Sheila Pratt

Firewalker Gym Member

“I then tried Thai boxing, which before this point I knew absolutely nothing about. From the moment I tried Thai boxing I knew I had found the thing for me and this would be the main activity to help on my journey.”

Round about this time 2 years ago I started to look into how I could lose weight, but I knew just going to a regular gym and using the equipment was not for me. I came across firewalker online and the thought of learning material arts really excited me, but at this point I was way too scared and stupidly thought I was too over weight to be doing anything like this. July 2016, now weighing just under 23 stone, I knew it was time to do something so I plucked up the courage to trial a free class, which happened to be Kevin’s beginners boxing.

Kleo Gordon

Firewalker Gym Member

“Firewalker is really what it says a “friendly gym” but serious about fitness and lifestyle, which they will support you as much as you want”

I have been a member of FW for about 5 years and really enjoy every aspect of this gym. My usual routine incorporates all of the early morning classes which includes a mixture of High Intensity Training , Thai boxing & Spin Combo which for me suits my busy work life schedule and gives me the daily motivation to get back to the gym and compete which really means doing more than the previous week. 32 years ago I broke my back in 3 places playing rugby which has been a massive struggle since but when you have a bad back you need to build up a strong core which is why I love to attend the yoga sessions and since joining have managed to build up from what remains a serious back condition to running a number of 10k races in acceptable times  but I needed the fitness base which the FW gym offers before embarking on those runs.

I would highly recommend FW to anyone and at any level of fitness or whatever personal goal you want to achieve and guarantee they will help you achieve it.

Dermott Kelly

Firewalker Gym Member

“In little to no time not only did my boxing skill set improve but also my confidence and general health and well being.”

I have been participating in both one to one sessions and classes for the past 3+years. I began as a relative Newbie within boxing training however was welcomed to the gym with smiles all around. In little to no time not only did my boxing skill set improve but also my confidence and general health and well being. Every session is fresh enjoyable but always revolves around the ethos of hard work. Would definitely the classes or one to one sessions for both beginners in the fitness world or the more experienced trainer.

Raj Chima

Firewalker Gym Member

“I became a member of Firewalker Fitness and Martial Arts gym twelve years ago when I was 58 years old. Joining a gym quite late in life took a considerable amount of courage, but it has proved to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made.”

There are a wide range of classes available for a range of ages or you can follow your own programme. The experienced and knowledgeable trainers are integral to the improvements in their members’ fitness. Everyone works at their own level and is encouraged and supported to reach their goals by these specialists, with individual support provided willingly when required. When you are ready, there is always a new challenge to be experienced. Recently, I have joined a beginner’s boxing class, which I love, but it is something that I would never, ever have considered had I not gone along to one of the free Taster Days that are frequently on offer. All of this is underpinned by a fostering of mindfulness, mutual respect and kindness.

Kathy Reynolds

Firewalker Gym Member

“I believe that Firewalker Gym lives up to its name, having a powerful heart and a warm welcoming atmosphere.”

We are in our mid-seventies and have been members of Firewalker since 2004, a few months after it first opened. I believe that Firewalker Gym lives up to its name, having a powerful heart and a warm welcoming atmosphere. By joining this family owned Martial Arts and Fitness Club, our health and fitness has helped us enjoy a much better quality of life and such fantastic health benefits could never have been achieved without Firewalker Gym’s professional guidance. No matter what age or ability, we are given the most appropriate opportunities to develop our confidence and skills. Charity Challenges organized by Firewalker have enabled us to raise money for worthy causes. All of this is made possible by the range of classes available and the expertise, commitment and encouragement of world class trained instructors, who have the well-being and interest of individual members at heart.

Fred and Norma Pezmam

Firewalker Gym Member

“Firewalker is fantastic gym with the best instructors and offer a wide range of fitness equipment and extensive range of classes.”

I’ve been coming to firewalker for over 13 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming they offer flexible memberships to suit all their client’s needs and memberships are very good value for money to suit all budgets. I mainly do the classes and must say how excellent they are and suited for all ages. All the people in my class are regulars so it speaks for itself once you join you won’t go anywhere else as it’s like a close family.

Naina Sharma-Lally

Firewalker Gym Member

“I’ve been a member at Firewalker for well over a decade, and I started off doing a bit of strength work, but over the years my training has evolved into circuit training, boxing, Thai boxing and yoga…WOW I do all that!!! …no wonder I got six pack :)”

The gym classes, and fitness trainers are top class at helping me meet my fitness goals.  And as one of the trainers regularly says during the class: “Best days of your life!”…and that’s so true! The main reason why most of us keep going back to Firewalker day after day is that it’s a real friendly place and generally everybody knows each other.  Members & staff regularly joke if ‘I live at Firewalker, and that’s evidence that the gym is doing it right by me in meeting my fitness journey. Peace!!!

Umesh Patel

Firewalker Gym Member

“I have tried different gyms over the years but Firewalker has to be the best, you don’t just feel like a number you are welcomed in not only by staff but the members as well, which makes you feel part of a special family.”

12 years on I am still here loving every minute of it. Firewalker training enabled me to meet goals I would not have dreamed of in my 20s. Now at 47 I am the fittest I have ever been thanks to the amazing no nonsense training by Firewalker staff, who encourages you with their warm funny but tough approach. Firewalker thank you not only for my fitness which I am proud off, but because of your warm and friendly gym I have met people who I now class as friends. We now continue to motivate each other with that Firewalker spirit, wherever we are it never leaves us.  Thank you.

Michelle Cummings

Firewalker Gym Member

“I have been going to firewalker gym from day one doing thai and boxing classes.”

What stands out is we are like a family everyone helps and encourages each other to improve their skills and fitness. Staff are very supportive and cater for all fitness levels.

Elvis Graham

Firewalker Gym Member

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