Along with healthy nutrition, lots of fun movement and positive social interaction good quality sleep is an integral part of our health and well-being.

Quality sleep helps regulate our hormones making us less likely to become obese and less likely to crave calories due to suppressing our appetite.

With a quality night’s sleep we become mentally more alert and productive. Physically we are better able to recover from exercise and perform athletically, getting the most out of our sessions at the gym.

Sleep helps strengthen our immune system and has also been shown to reduce the risk of many major diseases.

Yet with all these powerful benefits many of us still struggle with creating good sleeping habits.

Preparation for a good night’s sleep actually starts the moment we wake up. Being active and productive through the day whilst fostering positive emotions and relaxation. Keeping routine times for sleeping and waking, and a positive routine of winding down before going to bed are useful habits to practice.

Winding down might be having a warm bath, a massage, reading a book or meditating before bed. Alcohol and caffeine drinks are best avoided as are using devices like computers, phones etc at least 30 mins before bed.