A gym can be an intimidating place if you have never been before or you’re starting somewhere new.

The main reason being that most people really don’t know where to start when it comes to fitness and exercise. What kind of exercise is the most beneficial? How do I perform certain exercises? I want to work with weights but will I injure myself?

Whether your focus is weight loss, toning, fitness or your health and well-being, exercise is absolutely crucial to your journey. You cannot achieve any of the above without exercise. So to answer some of the questions listed; all forms of exercise are beneficial but for different reasons!

The main forms of exercise are: cardiovascular; strength training; flexibility and balance; high intensity interval training (HIIT) and low intensity interval training (LITT). If you’re looking to burn fat you may choose to do a HITT or circuit’s class. If you are looking to develop flexibility, relaxation, balance and core-stability you may choose to do a yoga class. If you’re after a really aerobic, cardiovascular workout to hit your lungs and improve fitness, then a spin class would be better suited for you.

The stress of knowing what exercise to do and how to do them (or rather how not to do them!) doesn’t exist when you jump into a class. The instructor will ensure you are doing everything correctly; all you have to do is get there 5-10 minutes before the class is due to start, grab a bottle of water, wear the correct clothing, work hard and enjoy. You will be guided all the way through the class to ensure you don’t gain any injuries and you’re working as hard as you possibly can.

For those who have been doing exercise for a while, it may not be that you need to be shown how to do the exercises but it may be that you need that extra push. The vast majority of us won’t push ourselves to our limit, we struggle to constantly motivate ourselves for a whole hour. Then before we know it, were listening to the radio or even worse – watching someone else workout. My point? Let the instructor motivate, encourage and discipline you in a class environment. Trust me, you will have a lot more energy to work out for the whole hour!

There are over 30 classes a week including: yoga, spin, boxing, thai-boxing, kettlebell (HIIT), circuits (HIIT), available at Firewalker Functional Fitness and Martial Arts. Enquire for more information.