For the majority of us in 2018 it is becoming increasingly hard to progress at work, eat healthy, study, workout, drink 2 litres of water a day, care for our children, manage our stress, maintain a regular social life, oh and remain sane at the same time.

So what about if I told you I know something that can tick quite a lot of those boxes… Let me introduce you to Muay Thai also known as Thai-boxing.

It may be obvious that you would be exercising during a Thai-boxing session, to be specific Thai-boxing is a high intensity fat burner so not only are you burning fat due to the rate at which your heart rate is working but you are also developing lean muscle mass due to the sheer amount of times you have to throw your bodyweight around and produce power.

Ok so that’s working out ticked off the list, next I move to managing stress. Yes meditation, yoga and mindfulness are all amazing in reducing stress, however sometimes you just need to kick and punch something. Not only are we kicking and punching in a controlled environment using gloves, shin pads and pads we are also developing key self-defence skills that will install an air of confidence as you go about your everyday life.

Technically eating healthy and keeping hydrated should come hand in hand with starting Thai-boxing. What you chose to eat and how much water you chose to drink will heavily influence how you feel during the session, how much energy you have to train effectively and how you want your body to feel the next day (trust me – dehydration is not cool).

Granted you’re not sitting the pub having a glass of wine whilst doing a Thai-boxing class, but you are still having a great social life. You will meet new people from all walks of life, of all ages and of all different abilities. The atmosphere is fun, exciting and you will finish the session with a real sense of achievement.

There are thai-boxing classes available for all abilities from beginners to a fighters programme available at Firewalker Functional Fitness and Martial Arts. Enquire for more information.